Who is the volunteer center in Billund county

The Volunteer Center Billund is a small volunteer center that wants to be bigger. We are an umbrella organization for the voluntary social associations in Billund county, and we cooperate with the Volunteer Council and the municipality's volunteer coordinator to create an overview of activities and offers.
Volunteer Center OBJECTIVE
The Volunteer Center is at the heart of local voluntary social work and aims to support, develop and promote the voluntary social efforts of vulnerable and socially vulnerable people.
The Volunteer Center works to have an open dialogue with the Volunteer Council and the municipality.
The Volunteer Center is working to create better networks and collaboration across different associations.
The Volunteer Center works to increase awareness and interest in the volunteer work.
The volunteer center works to enter into new thinking in the volunteer work.
The volunteer center offers various types of service to the member associations.
The volunteer center is party politically and religiously neutral.
The Volunteer Center is a non-profit organization.
The volunteer center will work for quality, diversity and cohesion.

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